When will TP happen?

Transform Peel is a 35 year program with multiple assets.

Activation of the Peel Business Park is the first priority. Initially, the development of common-use headworks infrastructure will allow for the first 74 hectares of developable land at the new Peel Business Park to be marketed by 2021, and a further 120 hectares of developable land will be ready by 2031. The focus in the Business Park will be on the attraction of food manufacturing and processing industries, logistics enterprises and support commercial and light industrial activities. By 2021, the Peel Food Zone will be planned and operational to receive investment into food production enterprise and will have essential supporting infrastructure in place.
An “Integrated Hub” initiative is being developed separately and will incorporate research, training, trial cropping and other industry cluster support initiatives. An operational, innovative Peel Integrated Water Initiative (PIWI) will have been developed by 2021 with the capacity to deliver a new source of water to support industry, agriculture, mining and urban development.  The PIWI will reduce nutrient flows across the Food Zone area by up to 50%.

Transform Peel Program Broad Timelines to 2022

Transform Peel Program Broad Timelines to 2022

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